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Mineral Resource Management


SURPHICS offers surveying services to the mining sector. With an understanding of the mapping and surveying process our team of experienced mine surveyors are equipped to generate extremely accurate surveys and maps for all our clients.


Surphics offers farm mapping, field levelling, storm water drainage and camp stakeout. Plan re-fenceing, maintenance or camp sizes on an up to date map of your farm. New farming equipment require slope controlled fields for optimum utilization of equipment and irrigation.

- High quality surveys and accurate data
- Array of resolutions depending the project needs
- Mining equipment count
- Drainage contours
- Stockpile volumes
- Surface to surface volume calculations
- Open cast pit surveys
- Digital surfaces modelsa
- Legals
- As build surveys
- Farm mapping
- Planning

We have plenty of experience in Platinum, Chrome and Coal. Additional services include surface to underground drill rig line-up, slope and highwall monitoring, infrastructure stakeout, pre-works site planning, all mining line stakeout, density test and loads more.
Section17 legal liability

We offer full site survey legal liability as stated in Sec17 of the MHSA of 1996. This include all DMR required plans, survey representative on site during schedule DMR audit.

Borehole stakeout and data handling for wire frames, volume estimations, fault predicting and mine planning.

We have extensive combined experience of mine design, planning and surveying in both underground and opencast mining sectors.
Aerial Photogrammetry Surveying

Surphics does have licenced pilots which fly’s under Salaria’s ROM and has undergone the Salaria’s inductions, Salaria is the legal holder of a current ROC, ASL and recently undergone the BARS based audit as requested by Anglo
Mineral Experience

We have experience in Platinum, Chrome, Limestone, Gold, Diamond, Copper, Iron ore and Coal.
- Open cast surveying
- Aerial Photogrammetry Surveying
- Underground Surveying
- Engineering surveying
- MHSA Ch.17 Legal Appointment
- Mine Design and Planning
- Drill rig line-up
- Highwall Monitoring
- Infrastructure Stakeout
- Site Layout Planning
- Mining Line Stackout
- Shaft Sinking
- Geophysical Surveying
- GIS Mapping
- Check Surveying
-  Variable spacing XYZ grids on all deliverables
-  Point Cloud
-  DTM
-  Contour mapping
-  Array of resolutions depending the project needs

SURPHICS offer a complete geospatial management system by utilizing Industry leading software packages. Our software packages include but are not limited to, Trimble, Microstation and Model Maker. We provide highly accurate deliverables with high-resolution capabilities enabling pro active decision making, in an environment where time, safety and cost are key factors. Reducing surveying time directly reduces costs. Whatever your requirements.

Safety is paramount. SURPHICS only use specialised and accredited health and safety service providers. This ensures that we are and remain occupational health and safety as well as mine health and safety complaint. Mine safety can be improved by detecting dangerous slopes preventing unsafe operation before an incident oreven accidents occurs. Certain mine surveys hold a high risk factor for traditional terrestrial surveys. By using technology we can remove the operator from possible harmful situations not to mention the convenience of not walking the survey.
© 2019 Surphics . all rights reserved .

© 2019 Surphics . all rights reserved .
082 847 3105